11 April 2008

Are we done yet?

Only time for a quick update; I really don't have any time for myself right now.

On Wednesday we got our graduation tickets and information on transferring our apprenticeship hours for college credit. I have no idea yet, but I want to just go a little further as far as education. Something to fall back on, in case. At first I was thinking about being an electrical inspector but I really want to do more with photovoltaics so...electrical engineering maybe? I don't know, I'll figure it out later.

Code lessons, hours of it, and I'm only halfway done. Thanks to Sanj for letting me borrow her calcs book...or whatever it is.

I've been slipsheeting for Gwynne again, and this time things are so fucked: all the electrical prints have been changed, as far as sheet numbers go, to reflect the architectural prints...not that anyone outside of this job cares, but it changes all the corresponding prints to one number lower, with decimal places...hard to explain but it's frustrating. It took me the better part of three days to get 12 of the lower floors taken care of, and there are still 7 sheets that are completely AWOL, and we're only on ASI 35.

My industrial piercing is no longer industrial. My hardhat kept rubbing on the part of it near the top of my ear and it was migrating big-time and I knew rejection was imminent, so I just put a captive bead ring in the back part. It's okay but I'm a little irritated by it. I injured it last week, it's likely to be what caused it all to go this far.

PV class, again, tomorrow; we'll get the address for the install on the 27th and go over when study group will be. I'm about sick of all these exams and study groups, I'll be so happy when I finally turn out but at the same time, I won't know what to do with all my extra time. I guess I could finally start going to the SOC and SolarNV meetings that I've been signed up for...plus more college classes...plus, hopefully, I'll get more hands-on in PV...

On second thought, maybe I won't have any extra time.

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