14 April 2008

Aggro & cherries: Wanting input!

(The wanting input part is closer to the end.)

My pro-time was "1.1" and my hematologist was pissed. Asked if I was taking my treatment seriously, which of course I am. He started asking me lifestyle questions concerning various things, from alcohol consumption to current stressors to my eating habits. Apparently I'm doing everything wrong. I don't drink too much in general but I drink too much at one sitting, I don't eat right (though he complimented me on lowering my sugar intake), and my stress is still on the rise, contributing to my blood be all screwed up. He said he's going to ride me about getting my pro-time to the right levels and stable, then he gave me the "Strokes Can Kill You" talk, the "Clots Can Kill You" talk and the "Even If They Don't Kill You, You Can Wind Up As A Vegetable" talk. Inspiring.

Seeing my PCP on Wednesday, squeezing that in before school, to go over the possibility of different meds that my stroke doc suggested. We'll see how that goes.

So here's something I'm wondering about. It's a hotly-debated topic at school and work, and I'm curious as to non-construction worker opinions. Mine's pretty laid back but maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong.

In construction, there's a heirarchy: At the top is the project manager or superintendent, then general foreman, then foreman, then journeyman, then apprentice. I'm a fifth year apprentice, the highest there is, and in a month at graduation I'll be a journeyman. The higher ranks (foreman, general foreman, etc) have to do with how well you can perform your job and direct men under pressure.

A few weeks ago, my study-buddy Ryan was talking about how he and his general foreman have lunch on a regular basis. I said that was cool, and we both agreed that some guys out in the field think that's off-limits. I've gone out with foremen and even with a general foreman on occasion for lunch, or to the bar...and before anyone gets weird, it's never just me and one other person, that might look bad...it's always us in a group. I see no problem with that at all. However, another apprentice said it's completely inappropriate for two reasons:

1. An apprentice has no business even talking to a foreman or anyone higher outside of the scope of work on the job; and
2. If the apprentice is female, it's especially inappropriate, since it's a "sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen".

That irritates me, really. Aside from grouping me in with "everybody else", I don't think being an apprentice or a woman should have anything to do with it. I understand it's always good to cover your ass but to ban a good time completely outside of work is just...bizarre. And the opinions according to other workers are all over the place, on both sides, and everyone has their own reasons for thinking what they think but outside of work there should be no issue whatsoever.

I dunno...am I wrong in this?

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