04 April 2008

i...need...sleep . ..

Worked from 06h00 til 14h30 yesterday. Went to see hematologist at 15h30, then went straight to Springs Preserve for class at 17h00. Attended a mandatory meeting at 18h00, stayed til after 20h00 helping clean up. Got home at 21h00, fell asleep prolly around 22h00, woke up at 01h00 to be at work for a substation shutdown at 02h00. Worked til 14h30.

Several hours at the Springs Preserve again tomorrow, to volunteer for class. And I should get to sleep, but I've been trying to for hours, and although my body's exhausted, my mind is full of far too much.

I'll update later.

1 comment:

Ayla said...

wishing you some peaceful sleep - although as a mother, i forget what that even is LOL