01 October 2008

PV-themed...of course.

Firstly, I went to the DMV first thing Saturday morning to pick up my über-luscious straight cherry photovoltaic-themed license plates! As for what it means, I'm going to keep quiet, cos I want to see if anyone understands it. :) The great thing is, I can't believe no one stole the idea, since it's so amazingly perfect. (It's just too bad they wouldn't let me have one that said "solar whore"...and yes, I know that's more than the alloted number allowed on a license plate but I could have made it work, if it weren't for the whole "you might offend someone's delicate sensibilites" part.)

...fuckin sexy yo!!

In other news, tonight I went to the Springs Preserve to get all info needed so I can volunteer for the National Solar Home Tour this Saturday. ASES holds the Tour annually on the first Saturday in October, but the Southern Nevada chapter, Solar NV, held an extra one earlier this year. That was my first experience, and I really enjoyed it. This one will likely be a slightly smaller turn-out since we already did a massive one a few months ago, but still, the Vegas tour will feature 7 stops for the day, plus the guide will give info on public places of business that can be seen during their normal operating business hours. And, the fact that a good 120K others will be participating in this nationwide is pretty kickass, as well. All in all, the entire thing is very cool.

If you live in Southern Nevada, definitely check us out. Tickets are pre-sale only, and can be bought via Solar NV online. If you're elsewhere in America, take a moment to search if any Solar Home Tours are happening in your neck of the woods. Give it a try, it's pretty impressive.


Gadfly said...

Nnnnnnope ...

Best I could do was "junk dumb Uzbeki oil for photo-voltaic", but that just crumbles horribly in the middle there o_O

Jangofatt said...

Yeah, your car plates completely engulfs your nerdy persona perfectly.


Flashtrigger said...

It actually stands for "Journeyman Wireman for Photovoltaics". Get it? Haha.

JDUB=J-Dub=JW=Journeyman Wireman
PV=Photovoltaics=Solar Power