09 October 2008

Quick update.

Quick, because I'm exhausted. I absolutely love working with solar power. I'm learning a ton every day, and it's getting easier to figure out the bigger picture. I know I've got a long way to go as far as really "getting it" but it's coming to me, at least. I've set up racking, installed modules, screwed the caps onto the rails, learned to walk on the array, and now I'm just getting to interconnection. In a few days, hopefully, I'll get to make up a combiner box.

Excited, happy...extremely sunburnt, I actually blistered! Someone at Wednesday night class suggested that I give my sunburned parts a sponge bath with condensed milk and I was so desperate I actually tried it. Lo and behold, it works. I've lost 2 full shades of red and no longer look radioactive, and it's starting to turn into a tan. (In October! Haha.)

The only thing is, being constantly in the elements wipes me out. Today, aside from the blazing sun, there was this incredible wind that kept knocking ladders over and scooting them into trucks and such. Tools, material, everything got caught up in the wind. On top of the array, screwing on caps, a particularly intense gust hit me and at 15 stories up, I really felt it. And really, I hate the wind anyway. It just annoys the fuck out of me.

Still love photovoltaics, though. :)


rebturtle said...

Sweet! I'm so happy for you. And just so I'm not the only one hearing it every day, put on sunscreen and keep putting it on throughout the day.

-Yeah, you explain to my wife how hard it is to remember to stop what you're doing and go out to your truck and do that 2-3 times during work. ;)

Kris said...

Good to see you happy :)