15 October 2008

A shitty day all together.

So Tannah and I got in a major fight over a silly "misunderstanding", which was ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous is that this fight was conducted over e-mail. Granted, I started it...accidentally. I wrote an email as a note to myself, meaning for it to remind me something to tell Tannah later. Instead I sent it to him by mistake, which snowballed into just...hellishness. I won't get into it but it took a few hours to diffuse, and in the meantime some really shitty things were said. Didn't make for a good day.

On top of that, I stressed over whether or not I should attend my Wednesday night class, or the Solar NV meeting. I haven't been able to participate in Solar NV for months, literally, except for Crinis and the Solar Home Tour, so I knew I should go. But then canceling class, and I'd missed a few of those as well...so between the fight and freaking out over how to spend my Wednesday night, I made myself so ill I was unable to attend either. It seriously pissed me off. Like, seriously.

And, to really make life sweet tonight, I'm hearing about a little boy kidnapped at gunpoint only a mile from my in-laws house, about 20 minutes from where I live. There's currently an Amber Alert activated for Cole Puffinburger, please check it out when you can.

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