30 September 2008

Still up in the air.

Went up to see Snow today. The solar array we're going to put up on the main shop has gone through a minor design change, but it'll still work. The slope to the racking isn't the best for our latitude, honestly, but the power generated is still well within what's expected, and it also allows for additional air flow underneath the panels.

As for the solar array on the Strip, we're still waiting for Unirac to deliver the racking feet. It's frustrating! Even with all these delays, our timeline remains the same, so that Snow and I will have to get 45+ panels up per day. It can be done but...it won't be easy. He told me he's going to really ride me and I'll have to work under pressure, which is fine, I'm just still a little nervous about the possibility that I won't work out for him, and it'll make him look bad. But, he told me not to worry about it, and I'm making it a point not to. Worrying doesn't help anything, it's just wasted energy. I'll just have to get out there and try my best to work hard at making it happen, and hope for the best.

At very least, I can look up the cut-sheets online and I have a set of prints to study, so I'll be that much further ahead. Now if only I could download the inverter's installation manual...

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Gadfly said...

Damn straight. Worrying doesn't help anything. Looking up the Autocad or Solidworks drawings online -- that fucking helps!


Jeeze ... you're already married, aren't you ;-)