06 October 2008

My Monday was...


I took some melatonin early last night and managed to get in a little over 8 hours of sleep, which was good. Brought all my remedies to work, in case, and felt pretty good about today.

First thing in, I got a quick rundown of the job, our tasks, what we need to get accomplished daily, where the material and tools were...things of that nature. Then we got going. It was nice, because we didn't need hardhats (awesome!) and we only really had to work with a few tools. Literally. All I used all day was a wrench, an impact driver with tips, a cordless drill with a 3/8" bit on it, and a pencil. Not bad.

We prefabbed some racking first, and once we got a pretty good amount up, we started sliding the modules in and then secured those. Part of me feels that we're really kicking ass in this, because OMG I've never worked so hard and fast in my life I don't think, and that was just trying to keep up with Snow. (He's my toolie in this right now, and because he's also a general foreman, he's pretty strict on company rules and such, like the no-phone-at-break thing.) But anyway, he's lightning quick, and it takes everything I've got to match him but I'm up for the challenge. It's good to work at this pace, the day's over super quick and I think we got a hell of alot done.

Three problems: One, the closest bathroom is down the elevator 14 floors, across a bridge, down some stairs, around the corner, and behind the fence. Not cool. Two, the parking garage quite literally takes 10 minutes to navigate. It's a really shitty design, in my opinion. But hey...it could always be worse. Three, I really miss my crew. Don't get me wrong, I love solar and I actually do like working with Snow, but I had a lot of fun with my old crew. And everyone under Papa G, actually. I don't know if it was more laid back or what, but I like them all and now...I dunno. I'm getting kinda girly about it, I guess.

Sunburnt (even with SPF 75), exhausted, mind swimming with all I learned today. And I still have my cold, so I'm going to sleep early tonight again so I can do all I need to do tomorrow. My hope is that today was great for the sake of it being great, and not just because I was excited for it.

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