14 October 2008

(Not so) drunken fun!

Last night, Tannah and I spent the evening with Katelynn, who was in town from Alaska. We went to high school with her, but she's been living in Alaska for the past decade. (Now you see how old I am, haha.) But anyway, even though we only see each other every few years, we try to keep up via MySpace and Facebook. It works.

So anyway, we three went to Hofbräuhaus for dinner. I love going there whenever I can; I love the food, the beer (try the Dunkel!), the live music of mostly folk music and drinking songs. Snow went to the one in Munich and it's spot on with the one in Vegas. I guess, however, that it could be due to the fact that, BVT HBavaria L.P., the owners of Hofbräuhaus München, also own the one here. (Don't be fooled by other so-called HB biergartens elsewhere in America, they aren't owned or even endorsed by HB in Germany.) Either way, we had a great time.

Then, after we were sufficiently giddy and feeling infused with Bavarian culture, we drove to a small coffee shop around the corner from our house. It was open mic night and none of us are really into that kind of thing so we got our drinks and pastries, then sat outside. Weather was only about 80F, not at all bad. It was really laid back, we were comfortable with each other even after so long. No awkwardness. Very cool. :)

We finally went back to our house and spent the next hour bullshitting before we drove her to her brother's house, where she was staying while in Vegas. Katelynn is hoping to transfer to Oregon perhaps in the next three years, but I'd like to see her in Anchorage before then. She's got tons of photos that are just amazing. And after 10 years, it's time we see her for a change. Maybe next year...

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