26 October 2008

Need to sit for a moment and BREATHE.

Yeah, it's been about a week. I'm not usually this bad about updating. I'd blame it on all the shit I have going on but I think I still managed to get in 2 posts a week during the final month of my apprenticeship and there was way more going on at that time. I don't know what the issue is, really.

Sadly, the awesome photovoltaic project on the Strip is nearing completion. We're likely to hand it over Tuesday, as our final inspection is tomorrow. There are only a few minor things left to do; I have to pull 7 homeruns to the combiner box, connect them, then do the polarity and voltage checks for each string...then I guess it's just all on the inverter. I'm so sad that's it's already over. I had so much fun.

I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm doing after this job. Construction is incredibly slow right now; I might go back to the condo tower under Papa G but I really have no say in it. Who knows, I might stay under Snow also. I won't find out til it happens. I just hope the other solar projects are green-lighted and we can get our panels to start on those. I'm truly a solar whore now, can't get enough. :)

I think I've mentioned it in the past, but I attend a weekly class (and discussion group) on spiritual philosophy that I'm incredibly happy with. I like everyone there, I'm learning so much, and it gives me a feeling of happiness and of purpose. The only thing is, there's alot of volunteer work associated with this group, which I'm totally cool with, but I'm so wrapped up in everything else I'm not managing to make the other meetings. Aside from working overtime on occasion, doctor appointments, study groups, juggling my weekly obligations (grocery shopping, bank runs, pharmacy visits), union business...I'm finding it increasingly difficult to even maintain a schedule. Even during the end of my apprenticeship, my entire life still revolved around school and work, little (if nothing) else...and everyone I associated with was in the exact same situation. Now, as my life has branched out to include other varied obligations, it's still difficult to find time for anything. Tonight, in fact, was a volunteer meeting and by the time I got all my pre-Monday stuff taken care of, it was too late. There was a board meeting on Thursday that I missed...plus a Renewable Energy Task Force meeting I would have liked to attend. And you know, maybe I'd even like to see my parents and siblings, and their kids, once in awhile. Hell, the in-laws, too.

How did life get so complex?

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Kris said...

No wonder I never see you!

I think you need less obligations :P

(these two statements are unrelated. just thought i'd add that)