05 October 2008


Officially transferred to the PV job as of Monday. Got all my tools gathered up Friday and then tomorrow we'll just see how it goes. I'm hoping it'll be seriously awesome, even if it is alot of work. I'm really really gonna miss my crew though. I mean really, like alot.

Solar Home tour was great. It flowed more smoothly this time, and we had fun even though it was windy. Nevada Senator Dina Titus showed up and talked to us all...I swear, I like her more and more each time I meet her. She's so personable. We also talked about the Bailout and what that means for renewable energy...30% write-off and no cap. That's good for us solar geeks.

Also learned quite a bit on selfishness. I feel like a little kid who's parents finally sat him down and told him that there's a reason why Santa has Daddy's handwriting. The revelation of it blew me away. It's a good thing though; I even got a Druid-style hug out of it.

I'm ill, I got this nasty cold on the eve of my first day working solar and it really is not cool at all, so I'm rambling and making very little sense because my damn blood disorder and medications for it don't allow me to have real cold medicines, so I'm gulping the homeopathic and natural shit, just hoping I'll be good tomorrow. I should sleep but I'm afraid I'll wake up like at midnight, fully awake. Sucky. :(


Woozie said...

Welcome to the world of early October colds.

Gadfly said...

A cold on the first day of a new cool job?

Isn't that always the way >__<