12 October 2008

Erotic Heritage Museum!

So, on Friday night, my mom and I went to the Erotic Heritage Museum. It was a field trip with Mensa, and I was my mom's guest, which was funny since I was more interested in going than she was. In fact, I kinda guilted her into it. :)

I liked it alot. There were photographs, paintings, and sculptures by incredible artists; I liked the works of Todji Kurtzman, François Dubeau, and Bobby Logic. There was also a BDSM section with courtesy of The House of Gord which was fascinating. There were even film clips showing the machines in use, and I must admit that it was a little awkward with my mom there, but it was still cool. There was a hall of dildos (I had no idea there were so many sizes, shapes and materials used), fertility dolls, plaster molds of various body parts, and even Larry Flynt's gold wheelchair.

Upstairs was a bit different. The library was really interesting, with "nude landscape" books, how-to books, gay and tranny literature, BDSM comics...there was even a book on naughty limericks. I was a little shocked to see a recreated glory-hole (I told my mom not to look, LOL), and a recreated porn film set, plus a porn arcade and theatre. Perhaps 2 dozen porn star bios were against a wall next to a semi-closed room featuring short pornographic clips of films that "revolutionised" the sexual revolution in America; one that I found just...bizarre and amazing both was "The Operation"...it was filmed completely in infrared light. Crazy.

All in all, from the initial tour to the end, where I found some awesome coasters at the gift shop, I really enjoyed it. I'm told the displays will be rotated so that more of the donated artifacts from the Exodus Trust can be shown, and so I might actually make my way back in a few months. I have a two-for-one coupon, after all. :)

[Note: For Vegas locals--or anyone visiting Vegas--interested in upcoming events at the Erotic Heritage Museum, friend them on MySpace!]


P.L. Frederick said...

Sounds like a fascinating museum! But on a Mensa fieldtrip for smarties? And you went with your MOM?! Wow. Wow. Wow. That’s one nifty mother you got there. :)

I haven't clicked your links yet, like the one to “The Operation.”. I’m on a work computer and don’t wanna weird things up.

A two-for-one coupon to the Erotic Museum? Naturally!

Woozie said...

I simply must visit this museum.

Gadfly said...

That was the gayest statement I've ever heard Woozie speak ... and ... that's saying something.

But it's good that the man likes porn ;-)