28 February 2008

Post-Test Drunk Fest.

So we had an exam yesterday in class and I completely aced it (imagine that!) so me and a few guys from class decided to celebrate by going to the bar across the street from the school. I hadn't actually gone drinking on class nights since September so it was refreshing. Granted, I can't really get crazy: since I'm on the Coumadin, I have to be careful with the alcohol. One Guinness is usually the limit.

However, it started out with me and Ryan, with a Guinness each: we were looking for Sanj, who'd just recently gone blonde with red highlights. Then sometime later Luke, Allan, Drew, Mark and John showed up. So I had a Guinness with them too. And after alot of bullshitting, I was introduced to Captain & Coke which tasted like delicious sin (just what pirates love) and I had one of those...and then kinda split one as well...and I don't think "smashed" quite adequately described me then. (I won't go into how completely fucked up the others were.)

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what we all talked about, but there was lots of laughing and I know I was really loud, and words that would make my mom blush were thrown around copiously...but we're construction workers, it happens more often than I let on, I think. Someone had the lovely idea that body piercings were in order, and I hadn't had any piercings since my nipples over the summer in 2007 so I figured it was time. It wasn't a drunken decision; I'd been kinda thinking it over for a few months with little motivation, so when it was brought up I jumped at it.

We wound up going to a place off of Charleston...the sign said they were open 24-hours but they made a big deal about how they were about to close up when we made it there at about 21h00. They went ahead and let us in, asked for IDs, signatures and cash--for which we had to stumble to the liquor store and use the ATM next to the porn collection, it was weird. I got an industrial piercing, I'd wanted one since I got my tongue done the second time a year ago. I didn't want to cry like a girl, even though I'd heard it hurt immensely since it punctured the cartilage, but I was assured that if I did cry, no one would tell.

So, even though the piercer said I had "tiny little elf-ears" he was able to position the needle so that my piercing would be at an appropriate angle. It hurt far less than I had imagined, less than the tongue, navel or nipples. (However, today it felt horrendous and Jay kept laughing at me for it.) We got aftercare instructions and lollipops for being good, then we debated if we wanted to go to Crown and Anchor or home, and as it was well after 22h00 we opted for home, since we all had to be at work the next day.

Needless to say, this morning was unbelievably torturous: it felt like someone had put a blowtorch to my ear, I was nursing a hangover, and my husband was...well...less than thrilled that I went out and got pierced without discussion. Thank God tomorrow's Friday.

In other completely unrelated news, my dear friend Linda (who I've known for over a decade) got married today. Congratulations! Muchos besitos. :)

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