21 February 2008


Yesterday I took the F-Card exam and passed...I was so certain I'd fail that the only reason I even showed up was because the state fire marshall had already cashed my $71.50 check, so I figured I could at least take a stab at it if nothing else. When Tom told me I passed I actually thought he was mind-fucking me. I mean the exam took me 15 minutes and I thought to myself either that was the easiest exam of my entire apprenticeship (lightyears easier than NABCEP) or I misread every question and failed spectacularly. Apparently it was just that simple.

Then the lunar eclipse...it would have been awesome if the clouds hadn't obscured it. I nearly killed myself trying to look for the moon through the moon-roof while driving. I never found the moon, and I didn't die, so I guess things worked out.

Today I got to attend Power-Gen, a renewable energy and fuels expo. I got a free pass from Snow (thankyouthankyouthankyou fellow solar-geek friend!) and I got to spend all day there. Tons of exciting info, not just about solar power but wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro...very very cool. I got lots of brochures and such, a few DVDs, I think a pen or two, a solar keychain, and I really looked all over for stickers for hard hats but I didn't find much....just a few wind power ones that are actually too big.


Bombard Electric's solar division was showcasing, and I got to see sexy photos of Nellis AFB's new array, plus I got to check out Sunpower's new highly-efficient panel. The look is completely different, something I think will appeal to consumers even though I myself prefer the look of the poly-crystalline style. Anyway it was awesome, and I got to geek out and wear my "I love solar power" hoodie amongst other like-minded individuals. :)


Woozie said...

I don't think the price of solar panels is going to appeal to consumers.

Ayla said...

Love to see you bloggin' again. I tagged you over at my blog! :)

Flashtrigger said...

On solar...the initial price might not appeal to consumers...but never again having a power bill is a high selling point. :)