15 February 2008

Sick...and other sadnesses.

Sick and dehydrated. Yuck.

Wednesday we were sent to the warehouse to help build shelves; there's just not enough work yet at the tower so they're trying to keep us busy. The problem isn't us, we're literally being held up by other trades. But anyway, our whole crew showed up...it was interesting...again we had to use humour in order to survive the day. We cranked up really awful 80's music and Daniel played air guitar in between bolting shelves down and securing them to the walls. I was horrendously ill (as I am still) so I don't remember much other than that...except that the fuckin' Hawaiian that irritated me so much last year is there, and has been for a year. Ick.

Thursday I showed back up to the warehouse and went right back home. I slept all day until Friday, pausing briefly to wake somewhat when Jay called me to tell me to show back up to the jobsite, as we had been "banished" from the warehouse. Today I wound up being an hour late, as one of my front tires was entirely flat. And when I got to work I was told we were all leaving at noon...I'm not sure why. Don't care why, I was just happy to sleep some more of the illness away. But in those six hours we moved out of our warm little substation and out to the deck. Fun.

I also found out that Snow had been in a freak car accident or sorts: he was driving in his golf cart and a taxi ran the stop sign and slammed into him. It destroyed the cart and bruised him up pretty good. I hate those taxis, I've almost been run over twice. The stop sign is like three feet in diameter (that's not an exaggeration), I can't accept that they don't see it, and even if they don't speak English very well, I'm sure they had to be able to read street signs, at least. One day a tourist will get hurt--or worse, killed--and then things will change. But sadly, only then.

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