09 February 2008

So stressed.

Yesterday: my foreman and I were laying out boxes. 60" high, 24" wide, 18" deep. We were trying to prepare them for mounting; in order to do that we had to cut out holes for the conduit going in to the boxes and we had to cut out a portion of the back so that the wire--when we got around to pulling it--can be terminated inside the substation. We were doing as much advance preparation as possible, since the substation needs to be powered down while we do the mounting and such.

Anyway, Jay and I did a few together and he had me do one completely by myself. I measured and marked it all, and he came to check. I was of by a half-inch. So I redid it. Again, I was wrong. Still a half-inch off. I couldn't believe it. I was so embarassed and stressed out and angry at myself I actually started crying. Not like, bawling or anything but you know...tears and all, trying not to look at him or talk or anything. Oh, it was awkward. I felt lame, silly, girly...then Jay reminded me that I am a girl, but still. He was nice enough to not make a big deal about it and kind of talk me though my mistakes. After I calmed down, he predicted that it'll take me about two years of being a journeyman for it all to "click": suddenly it'll all come to me. I sincerely hope so.

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