01 March 2008

I don't understand.

Tannah is still pissed (or at least "extremely irritated") that I got the piercing without consulting him. And I thought for awhile before writing this, yet I still just don't get it.

He said that, in marriage, the two become one so what I do to myself is also done to him. I don't believe that at all. It's not like this is a venereal disease. It can't hurt him. Also, it's not like I got any genitalia pierced. I remember he wasn't too happy when I got my nipples done and he wasn't there, so I can definitely see how he'd feel if I got a Christina piercing in a group setting like I did with the industrial...but I didn't. (The Christina is something I do want; waiting for the right time.)

Tannah says it's a respect thing, but an industrial piercing is so minimal. I equate getting pierced (in general) to going out and buying a pair of shoes or something. Sure you do some research into what you want and you comparison shop but it's no big deal, at all. And it's certainly not like I tried to hide it from him.

This feels like the Text Messaging Debate all over again...insight would be appreciated.

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