02 February 2008

Some things I can't live without.

Solatubes are something that Tannah and I have wanted for quite some time. More than skylights, they are far more efficient and the options are incredible. We went to the showroom on an overcast day and the light inside was surprising. There are diffusers that can be added on to help with the distribution of light, and dimmers for when the room needs darkness during the day (such as to watch a film or something); there are even light kits, so that it can let in natural light during the day and then switch on to a CFL lamp at night. It's excellent!

To celebrate the joys of Solatubes, Tannah and I went to the Original Pancake House. I'm not a fan of pancakes because the syrup makes the pancake all squishy and gross, but Jay said he found the way to eat pancakes, and it took him years to perfect his technique. Basically, you cut a circle out of the middle of your stack of pancakes, take the middle and cut it into bite-size pieces. Into the hole, pour the syrup, and then dip the pieces into that. After those pieces are eaten, work from the outside of the stack toward the syrup-filled hole, cutting pieces away and dipping them as you go.

It's incredible. The process works, and pancakes are delicious. It was a good day.

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