10 February 2008

I think fire alarm isn't for me.

Since mid-January, we've been doing a review for our F-Card exam. There's so much material, it's unreal. I already paid my $71.50 to the state fire marshall...I'm sitting here, trying to study, it's all blending together. Ten seconds, ninety seconds, three rounds with three pulses, all the fees...I so don't care right now. I really just don't give a fuck. And I think I'm getting sick. After a good month of taking all the homeopathic goodies I could get my hands on, I think I'm finally succumbing. I can't get sick, I've got no time for it.


Anonymous said...

What is the F-card?
i live in Florida and have my FASA
but i have not heard of an F-Card
i also did a search on the net and not a lot about it... ???


Flashtrigger said...

I'm sorry if I didn't elaborate: F-Card is a level of certification granted by the Nevada State Fire Marshall. There are different degrees of certification (for just about anything from sprinkler-fitters to flame-eaters in casino shows) and "F" just happens the be the designation for fire alarm installers.
Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

so an F card has no meaning but you have to have the card in order to install fire alarm systems or any low voltage systems to do with fire alarm i would guess that includes door access, mag locks/door holders etc etc ???

is thee a link you can point me to that explains all about the FCARD?

I hold a current FASA cert. here in Florida, would that be an equivalent of an Fcard?
FASA Link:


The FASA i got thru my company as on going training. the next would be NICERT 1&2 Link:


so again which one is more like the N.V Fcard?

tnx for any help :o)
Trip from Fl.

Flashtrigger said...

Currently you need the F-Card in Nevada just to install...equivalent to your FASA. However, NICET is going to be required soon, as far as I understand Nevada already requires it for contractors but isn't quite enforcing it because it's giving people time to get certification. The head fire alarm guru with my contractor recently took the NICET: 6 hour exam, with something like 2 minutes only to answer each question, and some questions were theoretical and had really no basis on the work itself. I did take my F-Card test and passed, it wasn't as hard as I thought but NICET is agonising, I've heard that from everyone. It doesn't have a very good pass rate BUT if you can pull it off, you're invaluable. I say go for it!