05 February 2008

"O" for Awesome!

Another few great Jay-isms...

I don't remember why he said it, but I was kicking ass in something, I mean really getting the job done. We were both having a pretty good day and Jay called out, "You know what you are? You're 'O' for Awesome!" Then he paused and said, "Wait...not 'O'..." and he couldn't even finish, we both had to laugh. I have no choice but to throw that back at him from time to time. Or here, another one: this was when we were both exceedingly bored. Again, I don't remember how it started, but we were goofing off: me on a ladder, and him handing me tools to mount pipe above a substation. I asked for my tape measure, and he reached into my tool bucket and yelled in a falsetto, "I choose you, Tape Measure!" and gave it to me. He did that with every other tool I needed, even adding moves: "I choose you, Pliers! Use your Grip Attack now!" It was hilarious...I know anyone reading this thinks it's silly but when you're able to laugh uncontrollably at work, no matter how shitty the work is, it's a good day.

Well, this one's actually a Tannah-ism, but Jay modified it. It comes with a background story though: Years ago, Tannah had a migraine. His eyes were sunken in and it was obvious he was miserable. After I asked him if I could get him some Advil or something, he turned to me and said, "It hurts so bad I'm about to drool." Why this struck me as funny, I don't know. I couldn't stop laughing. I know it was rude. I know that makes me a callous bitch. But to this day, when I think of a pain so intense that drooling must occur, I laugh uncontrollably.

So I told Jay the story, and he thought it was funny too, but only because he knows that type of pain. (He also said I was an evil bitch for telling stories like that, it breaks "man-law".) Now, when we accidentally hurt ourselves at work, we'll ask each other if we have to drool, and wind up laughing about it.

One of the greater things that happened had nothing to do with catch-phrases of the day. Snow somehow got me a free pass to the Power-Gen exhibit. I'd been wanting to go, but it was during work hours, and it was $100 so I wrote it off. But with a free pass, I had no choice but to tell my foreman and general foreman that I needed an early out...and they agreed! I can't wait!

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