12 February 2008

A new rumour.

The most ridiculous yet! I was talking to Troy in the basement about...I don't remember, it was geeky, whatever it was. Anyway, two higher-ups were sitting close by, discussing general foremen stuff I guess, and suddenly they both called my name. Both were laughing, but had a moment to tell me that my jeans were riding a bit low. I felt where my jeans were riding, and they seemed fine to me and I told them so, to which they both responded with the colour of my underwear...oops. Hmm. So I hiked up my jeans and apologised, and somehow within the hour there was a rumour:

According to this rumour, I have a magical ass-crack, and if one were to gaze upon it he would become pregnant. It likes inducing pregnancy, proven by the fact that it's always peeking out.

As ridiculous as this one was, it somehow spread to four different crews before the end of the day. People I didn't even know told me I had gotten them pregnant. It was...a little bizarre, but a little refreshing that the rumour was so innocent.

In other thoughts entirely, I'm dying to know what Flynn has saved on his Favourites in his computer. Traffic-Cone Man was interesting, and of course he knew the video that made Drew gag repeatedly just as he discussed the ordeal of trying to watch it...how amazing it would be to see some of the sites he hasn't recommended to me!

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