01 July 2007

Feeling better.

So maybe I'm not gonna die, yay for me.

I got a haircut, now my hair isn't so froufy which is most awesome. And despite trying to stay away from delicious European goodies, I still managed to get into the Dresdner lebkuchen (kirsch!) and Orangina. No, not at the same time, that's seriously icky. But still.

Tenno is helping design my tattoo. Well, I designed it, he's putting both designs together so I can give the whole thing to the tattoo artist. Not sure if I described it before, but it's going to be the schematic for a solar cell inside a happy little sun. And maybe like some ivy or cute flowers here and there. It'll be so very cool, I'll post a pic when I get it done. And REMO! I am not a traitor, Tenno was just available before you! He's not adding any artistic details to it, I gave him what I wanted and that's all. Promise.

Craving soul food. Has anyone else ever had the soft-fried gizzards from Hamburger Heaven off of I Street and Madison on the West Side? Wow. A definite perk from when I worked in the death-care industry.

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Martha said...

glad you feel better!
and i can't wait to see the tattoo design! it sounds awesome.