30 June 2007

Eh. I could die.

Seriously I've caught ill (stealing Logan's phrase), I haven't been so icky-sick since the Palms. Not happy. I think it stems from working in that tiny half-frozen room with Drew on Thursday. The first thing we did to set up that filter was run the MC, which involved me trying to drive the scissorlift all about without crushing anything, and these immense vents were blowing frigid air on me, so by about break time I had a pretty decent sore throat.

One upshot of the day was dealing with the panel. I had to bend some 1/2" conduit and mount a box...Drew has the ability to teach without condescending, and I appreciate that. So he helped me with the pipe, which was nice, and then we had to swap breakers and all that good stuff, including using a unibit to create a 1/2" hole into a hot 480-volt panel. I watched Drew stand in front of it once the dead-front was off, sighing, carefully stuffing some foamy mat into the top so metal shavings wouldn't explode into the bus. I honestly didn't want to do it, it's dangerous and I get nervous. But I went slowly, and Drew stood about five feet away with a massive piece of wood, ready to beat the hell out of me if something went wrong. Happily, he didn't have to use it, and we got most of the project done.

I forgot to mention, I found a lovely new drink: Guinness mixed with Sprite. I'm told it's better with Sierra Mist but I think it's incredible, like alcoholic candy, and I don't get toasted that way, so it's doubly good. Of all addictions, this is the yummiest.

Okay yeah, and now I'm feeling the Nyquil kick in, wanting very much to sleep. I really would like this to pass before work on Monday, I have to be in by 05h00 and we have to finish that filter which includes hot work and ladder work, so Dayquil is out of the question.

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