15 July 2007

Un 14-Juillet très calme.

Yes, in years prior le 14-Juillet (Bastille Day) has been overly hectic. I get nervous about get-togethers; last year trying to coordinate the different cheeses with wine and Orangina was almost too much. So this year we had a very simple celebration, just Tannah and I. (This had partly to do with the wedding we attended in Pahrump Friday night...congrats Tim and Rebecca!...but we simply didn't have the energy to go crazy on it.)

Firstly, we watched Ratatouille. And I cried, how lame is that? Some kind of underlying theme, really, not anything to get into, but it's not a sad film at all. It's awesome, actually, I loved it. We got popcorn and smuggled in some goodies, and placed ourselves strategically away from little beasties. The accents were a bit much but give it a try; it's hilarious.

So after, we were feeling sadness for missing France, and so we got a baguette and a semi-sweet white wine, with cherries and raclette...so so yummy. It might be obvious to some that I should have made ratatouille for Bastille Day this year, but I hate bell peppers, and I'm not about to go chopping up the recipe. Oh, and Tannah even put the iPod on KYO...yay!

[On a side note, we jumped ship today...no more French yummies...we're having knockwurst and weinsauerkraut!)

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