06 July 2007

Loving these Fridays off!

Right now I'm listening to Tannah play this odd techno version of Pacman. That reminds me of German clubs hiding the porn boutiques in Berlin. Which reminds me of the story Sanj told me about Encore, and the dimmers, and Joe. I still think that's hilarious, I wish I could have seen it.

It was awesome, a well-deserved day off after the fiasco last night. I'm exhausted, but in a good way. I'm not sure how I got so fatigued after laying about all day; granted, I did go out earlier, had a blast...Tannah says it's good I'm actually going out and having a life, and I agree. I'm seriously contemplating doing something on Saturday nights as well, during his game parties. I really do leave them alone, I don't get to nagging or anything, but usually I'm holed up, bored. I have friends I talk to now that go out on Saturdays to the bar, and friends I'm just getting back to talking to that I'm sure do things that are just as fun. Options are endless.

This job I'm on is only going to last another two months or so...what am I going to do when faced again with working five days a week? By that time, my Fridays will be taken due to a normal shift, as well as Wednesdays (because of school), and I'll be back to looking forward to getting smashed at Bonanza with other apprentices as a highlight of my week. And somewhat off-topic, we were told that the JATC was being moved a block or so away. If that's true, will the solar arrays need to be re-installed? I want in on that job.

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