05 July 2007

Someone got crazy with the mounting.

Around 16h00 I got a call to reset breakers for two rooms. Granted, that's right before we think about rolling up, but that was supposed to be the last call so I ran up to 2.5 to take care of it. I went to the appropriate panel and reset one, which tripped again immediately. I tried to reset the other one and it tripped again, hard, with a lovely bright light flashing through the dead-front. That's when I called for back up.

Within ten minutes, my foreman met me in the electrical room along with in-house electricians (one of whom was extremely interested in the apprenticeship); the foreman in charge of the remodel for the rooms affected came as well, bringing with him two from his crew. We found out from in-house that the same room one three different floors were without power to the bedwall, so we went to investigate.

After about an hour of tearing out drywall patches and becoming increasingly frustrated, the problem was found: those who had mounted the vanity to the wall sometime earlier today succeeded in getting a screw through a riser, which connects power from one floor to the next. The bed was removed and disassembled, the wall cut open, and after the melty breakers were replaced they were locked out so the riser could be repaired. That part was relatively simple: cut the wires, attach a box, jumper from that box to another which contains the other end of the wires from the riser, connect, and finish. The ruined part surprised all of us: this carpenter who mounted the vanity managed to get an 1-1/2" screw into the neutral, and all three phases. The odds of that are incredible.

So all in all, we got out of there at about 19h00, thinking toward our awesome paychecks forthcoming, and the kickass day off we'll get tomorrow. Can't wait.

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