24 July 2007

Yeah, three solar-based posts in a row...

Last night Tannah and I attended a seminar hosted by Bombard Electric's Solar Division that explained the process for applying to Solar Generations' program for rebates on photovoltaic systems. I'd already learned most of it from my classes with Snow but Tannah learned alot, and he's pretty excited now too. They had inverters on display, and panels as well, plus brochures and business cards and such. Very informative.

Oh yeah and slide-shows!

Some people from our church showed us as well and sat in front of us...it was so irritating, they talked between each other the whole time, mostly making jokes about the speakers. I wanted to tell them to shut up or leave, to give some respect for these guys who put in ten-hour days and then show up on their own time to speak to us. They don't get anything out of it, it's voluntary. I hate that fifth-grader attitude. You'd think for something like this, something that's offered freely, those attending would be quiet enough to learn something but hey. Whatever.

Aside from that, it was great to kind of show off all the stuff I'd been learning about to Tannah, to see him getting into it too. I'm glad we went.

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