20 July 2007

My totally sexy PV tattoo.


Earlier in the week I'd gotten ahold of Eddie at Skin Factory, who asked for the design that Jeremy had worked out for me. I emailed it, and we made an appointment for this morning. What was cool is he opened up before normal business hours to get me in on my day off.

The whole thing was less than an hour. Eddie made a stencil, confirmed how it was to appear, had me double-check in the mirror, then I had to straddle the chair so he could get at my lower back. The outline was pretty decent...I had heard there was a lot of pain involved but it was better than I thought it'd be. The colouring, though...that was much worse. He coloured the tips black, the faded to red, then orange. It wasn't a sharp pain; just the kind that makes you think, "Wow, that's not fun", like scraping a knee in gravel...but like a hundred times, over and over, for a half hour. I was real worried I'd have to take a break before he was finished but exactly then, he told me it was done, and wiped up the excess blood.

It's still extremely sore and I can't touch it or anything, and I have to be careful and use liquid antibacterial soap and I think I'll have to forego the belt at work for awhile but it was so so worth it. I'm so happy.

(Photo forthcoming.)

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