08 July 2007

D'oh...I mean, woo-hoo!

Dan, one of my former journeymen at the Venetian, showed me a cell phone pic of the new Kwik-E-Mart in Henderson, just south-ish of Las Vegas. After some research, I learned that selected 7-11 stores were temporarily converted to hype up the Simpsons film coming out later this month. Tannah and I had to see the temporary renovation; even if it was lame, it's still something you don't see every day. And, just like the Simpsons house (also in Henderson), it's only a matter of time before someone decides to remodel it beyond all Springfield-like recognition.

I was surprised, actually. The entire lot was transformed. The awning over the gasoline pumps bore Kwik-E-Mart colours and logo, and the entire front of the establishment was covered in an overly-bright façade: the yellow wall with random orange bricks any Simpsons fan would recognise. Comic-Book Guy, Marge Simpson and Milhouse were aptly-positioned. It was brilliant.

Inside, if you can even believe it, was better. Of course more characters were placed throughout: Ralph, Chief Wiggum, Homer, even Apu behind the counter. Slurpees were now Squishees--and I had to buy one, a blue vanilla flavour that tasted slightly of piña colada--and there were dozens of boxes of the stereotypically pink-iced donuts, with sprinkles of course. (And a sign reminding all that a twizzler is not a sprinkle.) They had sold out of both Krusty-Os and Buzz Cola, to my great sadness, but there were plenty of other fun things to be excited over.

I'm not a huge Simpsons fan, I haven't even really watched that program in years. The last season I even watched with any regularity was the one with the season finale wondering "Who shot Mr. Burns?" (Yeah, that long ago.) But the Kwik-E-Mart idea was cute, and it did exactly as it was meant to: it hyped the film. We got photos, and Squishees, and Sunday was giggly-fun because of it.

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