05 August 2006


I have been so freaking ill the past few days, it isn't funny. Dizzy, numb, headache, incredible fatigue...I fell asleep on the ladder at work. Finally, I'm getting better. It sucks, though, because today Misty, a carpenter apprentice from work, was supposed to come with me to a French bistro today. (It's the one Tannah won't go to because he thinks the waiter was flirting with me. Speaking French in a French bistro isn't flirting, in my opinion. Granted, he did wink, but it wasn't after saying anything suggestive.) So this illness hit me really hard, and it wound up screwing my weekend, really. Which is especially awful, since for the next three weeks I'll have photovoltaics class on Saturdays.

Speaking of class, I've done a few lessons for the school year that starts in 2 weeks. Not difficult but definitely time-consuming. I think I made the wrong choice in applying to be a wireman. I should have been a telecommunications installer-tech. What they're learning is so much cooler: biometric security systems, photosensor devices, computer-relay SMART house automation...I really would have liked that. And, installer-techs don't dig trenches, either. But, ah well, the decision was made. Instead of that, this year I learn motor controls and programmable logic controls. Yay.

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