20 August 2006

First anniversary!

Today was a year that I've been married. I can't believe all that's happened. At first we meant to go to a show, we were thinking about seeing Penn & Teller at the Rio but finances and all...we opted to stay in, instead. We did have a leisurely lunch at the Rio, however, and that was relaxing, since we had nothing else planned. And I didn't have the heart to open the bottle of mead we got from Edinburgh Castle so we bought a bottle of Polish mead instead, and opened that. I decided I very much like mead. We were supposed to pick up the top tier of our wedding cake out of my parents' freezer but we kind of spaced it...did we really want to taste it anyway? But I feel in a way we should have held up tradition. So maybe next Sunday when I see them for my birthday, we'll pick it up. (Tomorrow's actually my birthday but I'm already having dinner with Tannah's parents that day. Next weekend will be fine, since my mom is making her famous soup! It's my request every year.)

Today was a good day. I'm happy, really, for the first time in a long time.

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Dr. A said...

I've never been to the Rio, but people have told me it nice. Here's a question, being from Vegas, do you and your husband tend to stay away from the "touristy" places and find little local places to go. Or, since it's Vegas, you go wherever. Just wondering. Happy Anniversary!