02 August 2006

Evaluation today.

Every month, apprentices are given reviews by either their foremen or their journeymen. Julian hasn't assigned me to a journeyman, so he did my review. I was really expecting the worst, but it wasn't nearly so bad as I expected.

The lowest score I got was a 6...that's about mid-average. That was for ability to learn. He says as a 4th year, I should really know all the basics, and the fact that I don't shows fault in the contractor (for not selecting appropriate crews for me) and fault also in me (for being pregnant, I suppose, and the health problems that followed that caused me to miss so much work). I'm not thrilled about my evaluation but still, much better than I hoped for, even. The one piece of advice Julian extended to me was that as a journeymen, I have to know what I'm doing. I need to have aim and direction. A foreman doesn't like constant questions; he wants to lay out his men and let them handle it. I can understand that. But at the same time, I think it's a foreman's job to guide his men, too. But hey, what do I know? I'm just an apprentice.

On a creepy side-note, I had lunch with one of the guys today, in the room we were both working in. I was roping, he was mounting lights. He had brought burritos (which are excellent, his wife makes them) and offered me one. I'm not one to turn down food, especially free, homemade food. So I had one. It was lengua. For anyone who doesn't know, that means tongue in Spanish. It was okay, as far as tongue goes but...still, it was tongue. Kinda overly chewy. Still, I was grateful. They only thing is, he took his belt off "to get comfortable" but to me, that was a little too comfortable. I didn't say anything but it's not like we were enclosed, either. Maybe I'm a prude.

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