06 August 2006

Choices: a rant.

Daily, every one of us have choices to make. Serious, important, random, inconsequential, it doesn't matter. It's a part of life. Some of us regret our choices, some are breathlessly thankful we made them. It's really irritating me, lately, those that think choices make up a person's worth. It's ridiculous to me that someone thinks he's better simply because he made a choice I didn't. Or that he even had the opportunity to make that choice.

I respect alot of different people: educators that give freely, truth-seekers, parents that care, law enforcement that try to do what's right, soldiers torn to make a proper decision when there is none, true friends...in a sense, choices brought these people to be who they are. But a choice doesn't make a man. Integrity, honesty, loyalty, valor, selflessness, faith, compassion...those are the the strengths of greatness. Not choices.

You are not better than me because you are a veteran. You are not better than me because you drive a luxury car. You are not better than me because of your lineage, your heritage, your nationality, your country club social life, your schooling, or your profession. You are not better than me because you donate to great causes or mentor children. You are not better than me because of your political affiliation or religious views.

In all this, we're the same. I don't care about any of that. I have awesome friends that fit every mold above, and some who are breaking those molds. Yes, it's possible for someone to be friends with--and respect--others who think radically different. What counts isn't a choice made or a deed done. It's the soul, the unique character, the quintessence each of us possesses. Without that, we're nothing, anyway, no matter what we do in life.

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sparklypixie said...

but many of our choices spring from the soul. what we do reflects our character.