10 August 2006


Embarassing. I got called an addict at work, during break, for my caffeine habit. So much they gave me an intervention and made comments like, "Are you going to trace out your veins, too?" Ouch. I didn't think it was really a problem but one girl said if I need it to function, it's a problem. And really, I do. I take energy shots and stack caffeine pills with aspirin or Excedrin so it absorbs faster. And If I run out mid-week, I'd rather be late to work so I can make sure I have some "just in case" rather than risk a day without it. I hesitate to call myself an addict...that's such a loaded word. But still.

I told Tannah, then. If he knows the problem, I won't be able to get away with it anymore. I was surprised he already knew. But he did, and didn't go off on me. Which is good. I don't want to throw any of it away, though. And I know that's a bad sign but I feel somewhat justified. I keep thinking that it's not a real addiction. But secretly I know it is. I know I have to work on it but it's tough when it's so readily available, more so than cigarettes and the like. I can't smoke in certain public places and I can't down a few beers at work. But I can have a Pepsi anytime, anywhere.


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