09 August 2006

PV 2

Beginning now with the second installment of the photovoltaics class. This one is more in-depth; we're learning how to track the sun, design arrays, calculate solar efficiency. Very interesting, but there's more homework involved, too. I'm involved not only because, hey, I think everyone would like to never see a power bill again, but aside form that, it's so going to be the way of the future. Either we'll run out of present resources (not anytime soon) or they'll become so vastly exorbitant that no one can feasibly afford them. We're lucky, here in the desert...our price is only about 11 cents per kilowatt-hour. What will that be in 5 years? Or ten years? I shudder to think.

Right now Germany and Japan far exceed the US in solar power. They have it worked out right now that they are giving back to the grid more than they use, which is awesome. I'd like to see the US follow that trend.

I'm just happy that I'm learning something useful and interesting, both. I'd like to get on the solar crew once I turn out, and really get some more hands-on with installations and troubleshooting. I don't think our current home can tolerate full photovoltaic support but maybe with a little retrofitting, we can make it happen. I'd really like to look into that.

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