30 November 2008

Not entirely sure.

I haven't felt much like writing. Plenty has been going on lately, and really with the right motivation, I could detail them here. for some reason, however, I feel silent.

I spent the past week housesitting (and pet-sitting!), which is always a delight. I only worked three days that week, due to the holiday and the fact that there was absolutely nothing to do. We have another micro-remodel starting tomorrow but...still, very little work right now. I spent Thanksgiving with my family and, later in the evening, the in-laws, and it went about as flawlessly as any family get-together can be. My brother-in-law's birthday party was held at our house last night...for the most part, it went well, too. I even managed to work out the changes for sabbat decoration. But those are just events. Not to say that it didn't mean anything; I had a good time, but it's not much to write about, I guess.

My pensive nature has gotten me in trouble again. Just as in my previous post, about hiding aspects of oneself, I sat alone and found myself thinking a little too much. This time, about change. A family tradition my mom started years ago was the Thankful Tree, something we do every Thanksgiving. It's just some bare branches, and she cuts out different coloured leaves, one for each person. On one side, you write your name and the year; on the other side, you write what you're thankful for that year, and each year, all the leaves from all the previous years are hung on this Thankful Tree. It's cool, cos we have tons of leaves now, some filled out by those now deceased, and some by the kids...for instance, one of my nephews filled out one last year that said he was thankful for Batman. It was adorable.

The Thankful Tree

But anyway, this year I wrote that I was thankful for change. I realised that over the years, change has profoundly affected me, both positively and negatively. And what I mean by that is, no matter what happened to me in my life, the change that ensued redirected my life in a way that was necessary. There's been alot of trauma and alot of joy for me, as with anyone else, and it's just that I finally get it now. I understand that it's a natural part of existence...I just wish I'd known it sooner. It's a good thing I don't mind learning something new every day. :)

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Gadfly said...

Yeah. I have to remind myself of that. I spent all that time learning how to roll with the punches for a reason. So don't get upset when life rattles me off my comfy sofa.

Still ... that comfy sofa is where I would rather be - but real life is happening elsewhere, and that often involves good people needing help, and/or hard jobs needing taken care of o_O