03 December 2008

OMG!! Ryan has a new baby girl!

My non-straight edge drinking/ study buddy from my apprenticeship years (LOL, only a few months behind me at this point) became a father for the first time a few days ago. I saw pics on his MySpace. They were beautiful.

There are a few people I really miss from school: Ryan of course, Cliff, Sanj, Mario, Lee, Alva, Pam, Wizzard...I mean there are alot, honestly. I still keep in contact with a handful via MySpace, texting, the occasional email or phone call. I don't work with anyone I turned out with, and most guys I spent those 5 years with are married and their wives, at times, are less-than-understanding. It's too bad.

So Ryan's baby made it safe and sound into the world, and I'm overjoyed for him. I can't wait to see him, his wife, and the new little one. I'll bring the beer.

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