06 November 2008

Concierge Night at the EHM.

After I got home from work, showered, and typed up the basic unedited version of the "Big Blue" blog entry, I got dressed in a cute little black cocktail dress for Concierge Night. I volunteer, on occasion, at the Erotic Heritage Museum and tonight they invited concierges from all over (casinos, resorts, and such) to browse and learn so that they may be informed for tourists. There was a beautiful spread for nibbling, all homemade by Jenn, Kimber and Vicki: mini pizzas, deviled eggs, mozzarella-and-rice balls, tiny meatballs, crab puffs and veggie puffs, cheese balls with crackers...and dessert. Dessert was the best, visually: a variety of cupcakes rum balls (uncooked, so very much alcoholic), anise cookies shaped like penises and Italian wedding cookies with tiny nipples, to resemble breasts. Genius!

The concierges meandered through the artifacts, paintings, video screens and photography before finding the games area. They were like carnival games, but slightly modified to reflect the EHM. There was Pin the Penis on the Tranny--not a real tranny, but a cardboard cutout, and we all know what traditional game that came from; then the beanbag toss, but the beanbags were little penises and they had to be tossed in a hole cut out of the crotch of a cardboard representation of a pornstar; the the Dildo Ring Toss, in which one had to throw glow bracelets and try to catch them around various types of dildos, from short squaty ones to huge, veiny mechanical ones. Oddly, very few of the men wanted to play the games. :)

It was awesome, and I know the museum isn't for everyone but I had fun, and I'm going to try to get Tannah to come down there with me, so he can check it out rather than just hear stories from me. I'm still working on it. :) Now I just have to get ready for Lost Souls Night...

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