14 November 2008


Just for a moment, roll this around in your brain: Homosexuals can't be married, therefore are denied what I see as basic rights compared to heterosexuals. That's as far as I understand it in the majority of the United States. Therefore, should gays pay the same taxes?

No really...think on it a bit. And don't just think on how they're being denied marriage, but also the ability to adopt children, for instance.

Melissa Etheridge has written an amazing piece that hit me, even though I'm not gay and admittedly I don't even understand how it must feel to be treated thusly, as a second-class citizen. The article is poignant and shows both a feeling of betrayal with frustration, but doesn't come out all pissy and "poor-me-I'm-the-victim" because I really hate that shit sometimes. Everyone should read this. I really have nothing further to add here; it's obvious as far as I'm concerned.


Omar said...

I was never more proud of my Canadian nation as when we became only the third country (after Belgium and the Netherlands I think) to legalize gay marriage. But for me personally I hope to see the day when the invisible yoke of marriage is done away with completely. A ceremony (civic or religious) followed by a document signing capped off with drunken revelry in no way captures the essence of what it means when two people make a commitment to each other. All anybody needs is love.

Flashtrigger said...

I'm starting to agree...denying the right to marriage to others makes my own marriage seem far less the sacred rite it's supposed to me. If it ever was meant to be sacred. I dunno.