15 November 2008

Blood back on track y una boda muy divertida.

In adjusting my Coumadin intake, I feel tons better. Headache is gone, and even though I'm still pretty exhausted, I still managed to get the supplies for my fool-proof nutrition yummies and attend the wedding reception of one of Tannah's colleagues. They're Mexican, and very few of those in attendance spoke any English but it was fun nonetheless. As soon as we arrived we were offered drinks. They offered Bailey's to me--and no one else, so I was like "What, is that the güera drink or what?"--but really, I love Bailey's so I took it. There were Baja-style tacos for one (roach-coach style if you're in construction) and I'll be honest: I had the carne asada and carnitas tacos and they were excellent...then after that and some frijoles charros I tried my first cabeza taco. It wasn't something I think I'll try again; it tastes fine, but the texture was questionable. I have no doubt it was prepared properly because everything was spot on, just I think I'm not into cabeza, that's all.

In between me dancing like a fool to Banda Zeta and Banda Maguey (I loved them in high school!), the groom offered me a shot of a traditional tequila. He offered to make it girly for me and I declined, said I wanted it straight. He handed me a shot glass that, honestly, was twice as tall as I'm used to, but I didn't wuss out: I sucked a lime slice to ease the burn to come and chugged it. It was amazing: I didn't need the lime. It was incredibly smooth, no burn, and the warmth didn't hit me til several minutes later. However, it should be noted that when the warmth did hit me, it knocked me silly and all I wanted to do was find a coffee cake and devour it.

So in my drunken stupor I did manage to find a coffee cake on the way home, plus Terra Chips, plus all my fool-proof nutrition yummies. Part of my blood issues the past week have been due to improper diet, so I talked to a nutritionist. I said flat out I don't like eating during the workday because I get drowsy. I mean, I might have a Fruit Leather at break and a Tiger Milk protein bar at lunch but anything more and I'm worthless. So the nutritionist suggested a specific trail mix of sorts: plain granola, pumpkin seeds with shell, raw assorted nuts, small dark chocolate pieces, raisins and bite-size pieces of jerky (any sort). It was specific as to this type, because pre-made trail mixes often had too much sugar or vitamin K, for example. It's high protein so I don't become lethargic, I can eat a small handful every hour to stay satisfied, and its healthy too. I'm gonna try it out on Monday and see if it works. :)

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Gadfly said...

Gotta love the roach coach LOL