04 November 2008

Cause for celebration!

For my 400th post, I am so elated to write that Barack Hussein Obama is our nation's first African American president, and one who I believe can help raise America up from the mud that the last eight years have wrought us. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd be partying. :D What an incredible, historic moment! I might even cry a little.

What I'll say on McCain's behalf is that as he's conceeding, even as I type this, his speech is beautiful and humble; I've gained respect for him.


RebTurtle said...

I have to say, that was a fabulous concession speech. That was the John McCain I saw many months ago. The fair, thoughtful, and even-handed man I saw before. I have felt all along that he was in some ways forced to sell-out a lot of his true ideals in order to gain Republican support.

That said, I am jumping up and down right now in jubilation!

Gadfly said...

I just wish the poor guy hadn't been handed such a freaking shitstorm by douchbag and company >__<

Sadie said...

It was a very good concession speech. I agree. Obama's was better ;o) Hehe.
And don't worry Flashtrigger, I took Election week off, and I partied hard enough last night for the both of us! LOL.
It is a happy day.