23 March 2008

Eventful weekend.

No time to rest whatsoever...I'm going to freak out Monday, I can feel it.

Saturday I did grocery shopping and then immediately went to the library to study for a few hours. It was supposed to be a study group, but I got non-committal answers from both Cliff and Sanj, and Ryan bailed on me. A hangover isn't an excuse to skip study group, Ryan!

Anyway, I got my flashcards done and worked on figuring out my formulas. It took a few hours and even though I've gone to the library before for study group, I've never gone during the late morning or early afternoon, so it was a little busier than I'm used to. No problems, though; I found a place to sit and spread out my materials a bit, so it went fine.

Immediately from there I went home, changed, helped Tannah with a few things around the house, and went to a potluck at the Unitarian-Universalist church. There were about 30 of us there, and it was a festival to celebrate the spring equinox. It was really nice, I enjoyed it immensely. It talked alot about springtime, and the balance in nature, the growth of new things...quite a bit of symbolism and such. Afterwards, we met in the social room to eat and discuss anything really. I hung out for quite awhile and found out more about the congregation as a whole and also about specific groups within. Unitarian-Universalists are extremely liberal in some respects, but I like it nonetheless.

Today was Easter. I slept in till about 11h00. We let the rest of the morning go by and took the Pepper to the park, where I crushed her by stepping on her. :( Hopefully she'll heal, she's limping a bit right now. My family did the church thing this morning and we met for a late lunch/early dinner that was kinda potluck-ish as well. The kids did an Easter egg hunt and even tiny baby Jack got a few, though he really didn't understand what it was all about. It was just good to see family.

I'm so not looking forward to tomorrow.

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