13 March 2008

Finally: a real reason to go to the bar during class.

The 5th year apprenticeship classes had a sanctioned field trip to PT's Place yesterday, which is a bar that isn't the normal one we go to. Pretty good food. It wasn't just the apprentices either: instructors , the director, and both assistant directors made appearances as well. Ryan and I tried buying a shot of Patrón Silver for Kenny, but he left before our order could be filled, partially due to the fact that most apprentices are straddling the border of alcoholism and the bartender couldn't keep up.

I didn't really finish any drinks, I just tasted, since I know that if I actually drink a substantial amount I'll be drunk in under an hour. So I tried a little Jäger, a little Bailey's Mint, Guinness (of course!), I split a Captain & Coke, and a little Coors Light, which to me tastes like beer-flavoured soda. I didn't get too out of control (proven by the fact that several people wanted to go get tattoos and I didn't jump in) and I ate before I left.

Some people played pool, or sat at the bar slamming shots. There were pockets of us just lounging around talking, most of us nervous about turning out. Don't get me wrong, we're all thrilled to graduate, but it's zero-hour now, and alot of responsibility comes with that pay raise. There's not a lot of time to get our shit together. Anyway, it was laid back, no awkwardness, we discussed who was planning on going to graduation dinner and if we'd meet up over the next few weeks (and summer if need be) to cram for the county exam. Y'know...random things.

I was told I've changed alot since first year. And yeah, that was half a decade ago but it doesn't seem like long enough for any real change to have taken place. I know that a few things are different: beliefs, ideals, mannerisms...is it in a good way? Am I a better person? I'm more outgoing, I know that. Learning to keep my ego in the gangbox and just deal. I'm more driven. I feel more comfortable with myself, I feel I'm more true to myself now. There are moments that kind of echo the past but those are becoming more rare. What the hell: I'll ride it out. It can't be all bad.

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