16 March 2008

Vegas nightlife...haha.

So, Tannah's on-call this weekend. He got two calls, one right after the other at around 01h00 so I tagged along. It's been a long time since I actually rode with him to run calls, and I kinda missed it.

Both calls were for strip clubs. The first one we went to (I'm not sharing names) was okay...mostly...while Tannah corrected the fault I looked at the girls working the pole. I'm not trying to be rude or shallow or sexist, really. But if I were to pay to get into a strip club, I'd expect quality girls there. Living in Vegas, you tend to know the good clubs from the bad: there's the one on Boulder Highway where the girls are like wizened old hookers with track marks and C-section scars, having a few good teeth left. This club usually does not fit that description but these girls just weren't hot. At all. Seriously, I would have looked better working the pole. I was extremely disappointed and I didn't even pay to get in.

The next call was at a strip club downtown that's usually known for being pretty seedy. But the girls in there were of a way higher caliber. It struck me how two clubs, on the same night, only twenty minutes between each other, could have such a vastly different line-up. And it's not that I'm necessarily into girls or anything but...still. The patrons want quality, don't they? I do.

Another thing: I hear from some women that strippers or exotic dancers (or whatever you want to call them) feel empowered in doing that because of men's reactions, having that kind of power over men via libido. And from others I hear that the line of work is degrading, not only to the women at the club but to women in general. I'm not sure how to feel about that, except that I don't think either statement is 100% true. I'm sure some feel empowered and some feel degraded. I just know it's not something I think I could do.

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