09 March 2008

LVA's 10-ish Year Reunion.

Y'know, it was cool to see all those people I haven't seen in forever, but for the price I paid, I was kinda hoping for gold-dust encrusted lobster tail and bone-in filet mignon, served to me on silver platters by lithe, acrobatic waiters, so needless to say was a bit disappointed by herbed chicken and tortellini, in a buffet line. And it was a cash bar! What the fuck.

So yeah...it was okay, since I had to pay for drinks I didn't get all crazy (which is good!), and I ran into alot of people I hadn't seen in years: Stephanie, Joanne, Sonia, James, Mark, Kaja, Julia, Warren, Tiiu, Noel, Lana, Fujii...anyway, alot. I reconnected, exchanged info, got to plug photovoltaics, cursed like a construction worker, compared bra sizes, learned about the joys of touring Turkey, was on the receiving end of someone who was drunk and huggy, shocked everyone by wearing a dress, doubly shocked everyone by being married, tried to play wingman for Tenno, and found out that Mark was one of the medieval madrigal guys at the Venetian that freaked Drew out so much. All in all, good times.

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