02 January 2008

New Year's and...

So for New Year's Eve we stayed in, had a quiet dinner with some wine: filet mignon, baby red potatoes, Brussels sprouts, salad (the fun kind, with berries and flowers in it), and French bread with Muenster. (Yes, it sounds like alot but we spread it out over the evening.) Every year we discuss going out, to the Strip or to a great dinner, but it never happens and that's okay really; the traffic is not something I'd like to fight. And Tannah isn't one to drink, either. Besides, at home was fine, we saw the fireworks from our backyard, and we could just go to sleep rather than worry about a way home or whatnot.

Everyone at work thinks I'm unhappy, struggling with something. Troy says I'm at a crossroads and I need to reflect on things and make intelligent choices. I'm not sure I like the idea of that, but I do know there are changes ahead...of course, all life is at any one moment is change, but I feel that this year will hold many changes. And not in a usual manner; I mean, of course at the beginning of every new year it can feel that way. This is different. I just hope I'm wise enough to do the right thing when I'm faced with a decision.

Hahaha, like I need anything else to worry about!

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