11 January 2008

New foreman?

Today Gwynne talked to Drew and then I was told to work with Jay. Jay just got his own crew, with a JW and a 1st year apprentice. I like him alot, but I wonder if this is a permanent move. At the same time, it's fine: I'm not getting along with any of the people on my crew really, except superficially, and it makes for a shitty day. I've tried aligning myself with Chris and we work well together, since Johnson gets all irritated and worked up over the silliest thing.

In fact, the other day he started pacing and asked me repeatedly to call Drew on the radio for what to do next. It was obvious what to do next, Drew had told us a dozen times, and I tried telling him, but he wanted to hear it from Drew, not me. Well, I called him twice with no answer, I'm not going to call every five minutes, that's stupid. So he threw up his hands and rolled his eyes like a little bitch and it was like...dude, get over it. Besides, he treats his current apprentice like shit, for no reason. I hate that. I could go on but I won't.

Anyway, so I'm with Jay. Since his crew is small he's a working foreman, and he told me he's going to be my foreman and my toolie. It's intriguing, and so far for today it's worked well. We're running EMT right now, and I can make the bends but I'm not too confident on my ability to lay it out, so he's helping me with that. I'm liking it.

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