04 January 2008


I've been telling Drew for weeks that he needs to see Superbad, and he's told me repeatedly how lame everyone tells him it is. So I made him a deal: I'll bring him the film in Blu-Ray (he just got a player for Christmas), and he has to watch it. He agreed.

No word after a few days, and I kinda forgot about it.

We were all working down on the basement level of the condo tower trying to get the temporary power run into the panels. It was exceedingly heavy, a few 750kcmil wires encased in flex. Some of us were on the ground level helping the one on the ladder, some were on the split level pulling and guiding while it was being affixed to the beams. Drew and I were struggling, holding a man-made support beam up for the man on the ladder, so that he could strap the power feed appropriately. As it was very heavy, he and I wound up using each other to keep our balance and trying desperately not to appear like we were grinding each other. It was one of those awkward moments where, normally, words would just make it more awkward, but in construction sometimes such situations arise. Drew looked me right in the eye, and quoting from Superbad, he tried to hide his grin and said:
"You used me as a tampon?"

And we both laughed hoping we wouldn't drop the support, but it made it vastly less weird.

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