17 January 2008

Grand opening: pretentious!

A short post, since I haven't much time:

Today was Palazzo's grand opening. We got the talk about having to be invisible, so we, as construction workers, won't upset or frighten any tourists. I would think that was just idiotic, but then I remember the asshole journeyman I had at the Paris that screamed to women to show him tits while we were right there in the crêperie. Some (not all!) construction workers really do live up to the stereotype. Anyway. Maybe that's why Mariah Carey's bodyguards made us "make way" for her as she came down the hallway to her waiting limo, with her goofy dog-in-a-purse, even though I don't really think anyone cared.

I don't know...I'm torn. I think it's awesome when new casinos or resorts open here, it means a stable economy and I love watching projects come together. But it irritates me a little when we go through all that shit to make it happen and then it's like "Okay, you're done, get the fuck out." It must be like what a whore feels: good money but no respect.

But, for anyone who cares, here's the highly-anticipated grand opening fireworks show. Enjoy.

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