25 January 2008

Monte Carlo and fried ovaries.

First off, the Monte Carlo's roof caught on fire right before lunch today. It was scary at first...I heard tourists trying to compare it to the MGM fire in the 80's, but then that was the fault of Fox News who was trying their damnedest to start a panic, saying "hundreds were trapped" and such. But the fire was completely out in under an hour (only the fake styrofoam-like exterior was burning) and really it was just a sad thing to look upon. The media tried pointing fingers at some welders, but who knows.

Now, a funny story: yesterday I had to fire caulk some huge pipes....basically fire caulking is a way to help stop the spread of fire from one room to the next by putting fireproof putty around pipes going in between rooms and floors. Well, there was no way to get to alot of these pipes except climb onto them, straddle them and do it from there. So I had done five or so and I get to this one about 15' off the ground: I harnessed up and climbed on. (I'm so so afraid of heights, even with a harness, so Jay was trying very hard not to openly laugh at me.) Anyway, one of the project managers walks past and casually says "Oh that's nice" and I didn't think anything of it until our general foreman comes up to me and says, "You know, you probably just fried your ovaries with all the magnetic flux from the 25 thousand volts you had between your legs".... turns out I was sitting on a hot feeder conduit going into 24.9kv gear. Oops. Now, really I doubt I fried my ovaries (which is why its a funny story) but I didn't realise how dangerous it all was, either. If anything it was hilarious afterwards..

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